September 30, 2008

no clever title

There is so much happening in our lives. It makes me nervous. I hate "not knowing". Sure, I am excited about getting a job, buying a house, having a puppy.. however I get anxious when there is something I want (aka: house), and may not be able to control outcome of.

 Today we decided we want to move forward with one of the homes we saw this last weekend. It was one that we had our eye on for awhile, and then after seeing it, it feels like home. However, our hesitation is that we hadn't planned to make an offer on anything this soon! We truly figured it would take a little more time to feel good about a house. We are SO excited about getting a home... getting this home. However we are a month early, which means we still need to save a little money yet. We still have gaps to fill to ensure we have a down payment, plus having something left in our accounts! 

Therefore, we are moving forward, but at a slow pace. I want to move forward like I'm dashing toward the finish for a gold medal. I want this house that bad. However, I must have patience. I must wait until we have a little more money so we don't dig ourselves into an uncomfortable situation. It isn't like a month is that long. However when the house of my dreams is on the line, a month is going to feel like forever!

We tried to not stress about it to much tonight. Instead, with our monthly anniversary day, we made nachos, and watched some more of Planet Earth. It was just nice to cuddle on our couch.

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  1. Whew! You've been really busy. Good luck with the house. Buying was stressful, but owning is stressful too (just in other ways) so don't let it get to you too much!