October 20, 2008

Our weekend

The conference is finally over! I'm so relieved, yet a little sad. It was fun. Well, let me say it was a lot of work, frustration, tears, and people managing, however in the end, I met some great people, made some new friends, and have gained a lot of experience! We still have to write up our report and send out evals, however mostly the pressure is off...

Friday, Husband and I drove home to visit out families. We picked up my brother on the way, got home late (well, around 3 am) Saturday morning! Husband and his family went hiking and I got to say with my parents. All my siblings were home visiting as well! I also picked up my puppy from Husband's parents (as they are keeping him until we close on the house!). We had a great time! He only half listens, likes to play, and freaks out about other dogs.
We took a lot of puppy photos. I will post them soon! If anyone has advise on puppy training, I'm all ears! I'm so excited for our puppy and our house!

Oh, we name our little one "Dakota". Not sure why, it just came and stuck.

In house news... We are closing on the house on November 26! The house inspection was awesome. No big fixes, or concerns! :) The inspector was great. He was like our very own "New Home Owners Manual". He told us when to change what, and where to go for certain items, and to be sure to do this and that... awesomeness!

So, now we have a lot of packing to do. Our apartment is a complete mess. I don't mean just some piles here and there. I mean it is like an entire zoo population was let loose in our living space. We just haven't had time to keep up. Hopefully we can motivate each other and get through everything before moving. I don't want to pack and move something I'm just getting rid of!

More soon!


  1. Have lots and lots of patience. Our dog is an excellent dog, but we had 2 years of puppy type behaviors to contend with first. Oh and if Dakota chews on cords and you are tempted to unplug them all to reduce risk of electrocution... Don't... unplug the high draw items, but leave things like lamps plugged in. They won't learn until they get a shock. Instead you just end up with every lamp having no plug left, and eventually they learn when you are shampooing the carpet and you aren't paying enough attention... and puppy chews through the cord and shocks themselves. A shampooer is a lot worse than a lamp though... let Dakota feel the shock on a lamp... it'll stop the cord chewing and you won't have lost a ton of plugs first... it's the only way they'll learn.

    Wish I could help with the packing... I'm a pro, I've moved so many times...

  2. Congratulations on the house, and good luck with all the packing. It can be stressful, exhausting, and exciting all at once. Try to pace yourself!