October 6, 2008

Saturday was amazing

Husband and I went to re-look at a house. We are more excited than ever. All my house hesitation was lifted, unfortunately I can't say the same for my house buying nerves. There is still the anxiety, however we are sure this is our home. We will be talking to our broker today, and then calling our realtor to have him go forward in helping us make an offer on the house!

Anyhow... after looking at the house, we went to a local park and just hung out. It was beautiful.

Beautiful not only in the colors, and cool crisp air, but in our time together. We talked about the possibilities, the future, and what this house holds for us.

We also just sat in silence, enjoying the moment...

This is the life...


  1. Good luck with the house stuff. I hope it works out for you. Love the colors in these pics!

  2. ah... you made me want to lay down there on th grass...
    good luck for the house