November 26, 2008

The Bathroom Chronicles - Part II

Hey.... I'm back! Here is the rest of the story!

Episode 2: Toilet Trauma

When we left K, she was waiting to see if her dad would be reinstalling the upstairs toilet after the entire household had lived about 36 hours without it. A repair job that was supposed to take a couple of hours had already morphed into a two-day project. She hoped and wished that the project would soon be complete.

As she sat on the couch that night watching television, she heard the bad news. The contact cement had set and was holding the tiles in place, but now the grout did indeed need 24 hours to set. The toilet would not be returned to its proper place on Monday night.

So, there was another morning of dodging the other people in the house and waiting for her turn to use the downstairs bathroom. The good news was that the toilet was no longer in the bathtub, so at least that was usable. K's dad had the day off on Tuesday, which she hoped would afford him the opportunity to finish the toilet repair job.

She returned home on Tuesday night to find that there had been yet another set back. Something to do with the tile or the wax seal or something. She would have to endure yet another day with only one available toilet in the house. "Arrgghhh!!" she cried out in frustration!!

Finally, four days after the project began, the toilet was put back in its place on Wednesday evening. K could hardly believe it was finally happening. Ah, the satisfaction of pushing the lever down, the sweet flushing sound, the marvelous sight of the swirling water. All of these filled K with joy and hope. For, it is the simple things in life that are important - a place to call home, family, friends, laughter, and functional plumbing. Definitely functional plumbing.



  1. we need at least 1 toilet for three. 1 for five would be inconvenient

  2. This so reminds me of a bathroom repair story that I was telling just the other day. There is nothing..nothing like functional plumbing!