November 17, 2008

I... we love Caribou

Remember this day... I sure do.

My very first visit to a coffee house.

Well, since then, I have occasionally visited the local Caribou. The white hot chocolate is the only thing I get. It is perfection. There is no reason to risk anything else. :-)

Okay. One of our trips to visit the broker, tour the house, visit with our agent... I can't remember, however I picked up a white hot chocolate. My husband took a sip....

OH. MY. GOSH. The look on his face was worth a million words. I knew that look; the look of forever being hooked. The "I drank out of it, it is mine. mine. MINE!" Hehe. Okay, so he did share, however from then on each time I got a white hot choc, I would get a large, so we could share.

Tonight, we went out to pick up some free packing boxes (thank you to freecycle!!!), and on our way back, we stopped at the Caribou.

I went in, and ordered one large for me.

Then, I thought. "Hey. I'll surprise husband. We each get our own tonight!".

So I ordered 2.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited....

FINALLY, my order was up. The kind women handed me the carrier and said. Hey, thanks for waiting. I accidentally made three, would you want the other one?

HUH!? Really?

She already had it in the carrier handing it to me.


When I got back to the car, husband saw two of the cups and gave me a quick smile.

Then I spun the carrier around to show the 3rd... boy did he have a puzzled, but excited look on his face!

I explained, and then we proceeded to pick his up to take a drink and he says...

"LARGE!? We got a free large!?"

Oh, The simple things in life.


  1. Score! Good choice on the white hot chocolate. :)

  2. I just searched for where the heck this place is located. The closest one is several states away. Oh well - maybe next time you get a free one you could send it UPS?