December 30, 2008

Another random update

How was your holiday? Ready for the New Year?

We have had a lot going on, with the holiday, still unpacking from our move, work, Dakota... plus Husband and I have teamed up and been working on a little bloggy surprise... life is busy!

Husband and I traveled to South Dakota to visit family. We had an adventurous time, especially with puppy Dakota. He decided the comfy back seat with his pillow and blanket wasn't good enough. He instead sat between us nearly all the way home. The last hour, he crawled in the back and seemed quiet. Needless to say, he ate our Nibs.

On the way back, during one of our puppy stops, Dakota found a good pile of snow, ran up it, lay on his back, and slid down the hill with his feet in the air. Over and Over. It was hilarious!

Husband and I exchanged gifts after Christmas once back home. He couldn't have done better. First, I opened this:

Then, my handbag weakness was fed with this beauty:

Even Dakota got me something:

We also hit up the local stores trying to find after holiday deals. Michaels and Target were the best. I got these for 60 cents each at Michaels.

This ribbon was also only $1.00 each! Amazing!

Sunday night, we grabbed takeout... Dakota LOVED it!

On Monday, the 29th...
  • Dakota ate through the laptop computer cord
  • Dakota chewed through a 2nd collar
  • Husband and I went to Marley & Me. When we returned, Dakota had excaped from his kennel... he didn't make any messes, or tear apart anything... however after we were home for 5 minutes, he make a huge mess...
  • We also attempted to take our photo next to the Christmas tree. Husband and I have taken our holiday photo next to our tree for several years as part of the holiday tradition. This year was no different. Well, almost. Many, many, MANY photos later, we still didn't have a photo with Dakota looking at the camera. The last shot somehow startled him. He ran under the tree and, well, below is the very last photo

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Sounds like you had a very adventurous holiday - great gifts!