December 12, 2008


I need a day off... work, home, dog, family, holidays... I'm being pulled every which direction. It is insane!

A couple random thoughts
  • I did paint my scrapbook room... guess what color....
  • I also helped husband paint his office....color guess here?
  • Our puppy, however so adorable, likes to play. When we do not want to play, he nips... okay, bites a little to hard. We are now attending PetSmart puppy class every Sunday for the next 8 weeks. I never thought I would be one of these "Pet Parents"...
  • The class and clicker training helps, however he still has his crazy moments. Any ideas? (however, and interestingly enough, we are not having any trouble with house training...)
  • I'm trying to get caught up on laundry, dishes, etc while still unpacking. It is difficult balance
  • I miss being a regular blogger.
  • We are getting ready for our first house payment on January first. We are enjoying buying little things here and there for the house (from rugs to water softener salt) however are also trying to avoid the credit card habit
Hope you are all having a wonderful December!


  1. I know. It's amazing how quickly life can get complicated!

    As far as the puppy--consistency is the best advice I was ever given. Follow through every time. It will pay off. But if you give mixed messages...sometimes it's okay and sometimes not, it's a mess. Kind of like raising kids, I guess. Take him lots of places, socialize him to lots of people and critters...both of you will be happier.

    I'm guessing some kind of yellow for the craft had lots of shades of yellow up there. Color for his office? Tan? Blue? That's a tough one.

    We miss you, too!! Happy Friday.


  2. Happy Friday! Take the weekend and enjoy it. I'm gonna guess..yellow!