December 5, 2008

Urgent... opinions needed!

I know, I know. It is nearly 4 pm on a Friday... who wants to think!? However I am in need of some serious opinions, and FAST!

Husband and I were not planning on doing any painting to our new home, however the more I look at this

the more I want to paint it and paint it now!

Yes. Welcome to my craft room!

I have not been able to convince myself to put away anything. "Swimming Pool Blue" just doesn't do it for me :-)

This is where YOU come in! I want suggestions! What color should I paint? Any affordable lighting ideas(see those ceiling tile lights)? What about shelving? Those "built in shelves" need to go! Plus, what is up with the window that isn't a window (the house was renovated a few years ago, so that 'window' doesn't look anywhere).

Please I need ALL ideas! Anything goes!

Oh, how could I nearly forget... this...

Yeah, I have tripped over it a few times now. How can I fix this one?
Hurry, as time is limited! I might pick out paint 'n' stuff in the next 24 hours!!!


What fun project are you working on this weekend?


  1. Maybe a light green? But I'm not good with decorating/paint colors. If all else fails, pick your favorite color and go with it! You can always re-paint it if you don't like it.

  2. This looks like a basement room. How about painting it a cream and then keep those shelves and paint them a nice sunny (but still soft) yellow or another cheerful color? I can't recommend anything for the "window", but the thing on the floor is actually an entrance to your sewer pipes so you can't really cover it unless you do so in a way tht you can still easily access it.

  3. I second the yellow. Also, a craft room screams for (maybe the back of the door) chalkboard paint...
    I have a yellow kitchen (think the yellow on the box of cheerios) and I have been wanting to put a chair rail around the room of a 8 inch wide strip of chalkboard.

  4. I'm a little partial to green and white (click for image)and I'd probably use pink instead of the red...but it definitely needs some brightening. I have no idea about the floor it in the middle of the room, or is it near a wall so you could put some sort of shelves or storage something over it?

    Why not go online and do a google image search for craft room ideas? You might see something that pops up that totally clicks with you. How fun!!! Keep us posted.

  5. sorry I'm late. and sorry again, I can not figure out what is that you are showing us in the last picture?