January 21, 2009

All I want for my birthday

My birthday starts in 11 minutes... :-)

I have to say I'm not really in a festive mood. Things are quite stressful at work. I am not fully unpacked after moving. Dakota is such a handful. However I don't want my day to pass un-noticed. I do not need a party, or gifts. Instead I have a wish...

... So the background story...

I work with college students each and every day. These students have all the potential in the world, however have faced / are facing some very difficult challenges. They range from financial, physical, lack of family support, illness, etc... Each and every day I hear stories of students moving forward even though they face these challenges. When I ask them why, and how, I hear of their dreams to become a doctor who works with sick children who cannot afford medical treatment, or an engineer that want to build means of alternative energy. I hear of their dreams to help others. Their stories, and perseverance is truly inspiring.

Tonight, I stayed late at work helping a student with her med school prep. Before I left, I picked up a white hot chocolate (WHC) to go. I noticed the student worker at the Caribou counter. He is always friendly, and has a smile on his face. Today I noticed his text books and thought about how my students appreciate every little bit of help. How even though school, work, life is challenging he puts on a smile each day. Then
I thought about all of the people who work so hard each and every day to reach their dream, or help a loved one reach a dream.

Though normally
I get a large, today I ordered a small WHC, and gave the bit over $1 difference in price in the empty tip cup. My random act of kindness (even though quite small), made him smile. His reaction was that of someone who doesn't see tips often (though anyone serving coffee to tired, busy, students wouldn't likely get many tips). I know my $1 likely will not change his life, however every little bit counts. Every act of kindness counts.

Therefore I have decided to have a "Random Acts of Kindness Week". Starting RIGHT NOW I challenge you, Yes, YOU, to go about your day as you always would. However take a moment to notice those little thing you can do to make someone's day. It can be as little as a smile and "have a great day!" to as large as your imagination.

Comment here and let me know you are participating! Write about it on your blog, tweet about it, shout it from the rooftops :-) and challenge others to participate as well! Do one thing for the week, or something each day. Whatever works for you. Then, on January 29, post about your experience on your blog (I will do the same)! I will (hopefully) post a Mr. Linky that day for you to sign so everyone can see the wonderful things that happened during the week!

I'm SO excited! This could be the best birthday ever. I'm counting on YOU!


  1. Happy B-Day! I like the Random Acts of Kindness idea!

  2. Happy Birthday, and thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love random acts of kindness! :) I hope your birthday is the best!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! My birthday is the day after yours! :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Today as I was leaving the gas station, I noticed a gas cap in the driveway. I found a parking spot, grabbed it from the street and put it on top of one of the pumps.