January 22, 2009

My birthday

I have a very nice birthday! I was a bit nervous, as one never knows how the day will go at work. However it was good!

  • About 20 of my students stopped in to tell me happy birthday. This was great and very unexpected. I haven't found out who told them, however it was sweet.
  • I received flower at work from Husband!
  • I also received a teddy bear and balloons from my brother and sister in law!
  • Husband brought me take out for lunch
  • I enjoyed a trip to Archivers after leaving work a bit early
  • Arrived home to find Dakota had left a gift for me (the not good part of my day).
... as the story goes...

"I was able to leave work early on my birthday, arriving at home before Husband. As I gathered my things from the car, I was excited to relax a little before going out for supper. I unlocked the door from the garage to the house, and push open the door. The order poured out of the house; filling my nose, and causing my eyes to water. I found Dakota, in his kennel. There had been a bit of a misunderstanding. I had told him I wanted him to be "Sooper Dooper Good" for my birthday. He thought I said that I wanted him to be "Sooper Pooper" for my birthday."

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