March 22, 2009

Sunday afternoon Challenge - The Pantry

With the nice weather, I have been in a "let's get the house clean" mood. Over all it has paid off. Here is what I did this morning...

Before (well 1/2 way through - forgot to take the before photo):


OOOH, SO much better!

So I want to know: What does your pantry look like? Is it similar to mine? Please, share! I want to know I'm not the only one living like this! :-)

I want to see pictures.

I want details.

Hey, while we are at it... let's do a messy pantry carnival!

All you have to do to participate is post up a picture of your pantry on your blog, linking back to here. Then, leave a comment here letting up know you are participating.

I'll add all participants to a master list below.

Grab your camera, and march on over to your pantry and snap away!

Extra points if you post both a before/after organization photo...


Messy Pantry Carnival
--Spur of the moment Bloggy Carnival--


**Edit: Feel free to participate anytime this week! I'll post all that participate (and let me know) by March 29th!


  1. That's some good cleaning. :)

    I would participate, but we cleaned out our garage on the spur of the moment after breakfast, so I have to take it easy now. :)

  2. Leslie --ooh. we need to clean our garage too!

    Feel free to participate in the messy pantry carnival anytime this week!

  3. there's no way I would join this. mine is too messy!!
    yours is doing great though!