May 10, 2009

i love summer and savings!

We only have strawberries, tomato, and now lettuce coming up! I was so surprised and pleased to see this over the weekend! I can already taste fresh strewberry pie! mmmmm!

With us purchasing our home just in November, I had no idea what all flowers, plants and what not would appear. I have had my surprises of what all has sprung up! Most of the spouts have turned out to be foliage, however this one put a smile on my face!

I also try to go through coupons on Sunday. Husband and I made a quick run to Target, picked up a few groceries and between coupons and sales (and some items had both), we did super well!

I clip and save each and every coupon (well, minus a couple I send my family). Yet, I always end up with many that either I don't use because we don't use the product, or because it is just something we don't need. What do you do with your extra coupons? I hate tossing them, however really don't know what to do? I have now sorted out all my 'May' coupons and there are so many I won't be using!


  1. I'm having all the same surprises of what's popping up for flowers and whatnot around our new house too, as we moved at the same time. Turns out we have strawberries in our yard too, and I noticed flowers on them yesterday. :)

  2. I've noticed that some people just lay the coupons on the products in the store...or on the shelf where people can see them. I've never been that organized, but it's a cool idea. I've used some of the coupons on the shelf, though! Very thoughtful of someone! :)