May 18, 2009

Only took a month!

I want to thank Amber, tootie, Sharla, John Deere Mom, Brittney Kaye, and daisy .... for guessing on my "What a Deal" post, all the way back from April 21! Holy cow!

I can't believe no one said... "hey, Crazy Daisy... tell us what the heck you bought for $22.99 that was originally priced at $229.99! Geez, how long does it take?"

Well, I guess it takes me just under a month. Sorry. I kept meaning to post it, however there is so much going on! And with so much going on, I have so many things i want to share, however haven't had a chance!

Okay, Okay.. anyhow, on to my awesome purchase!

Here it is...

Isn't it just grand! Not worth $229.99, however very much work $22.99!

I actually purchased 2! One for the guest room, and one for the master bedroom!


  1. LOL! I forgot all about this! What a steal! I would have snapped those puppies up too! ;)

  2. Hmm...I don't even remember what I guessed. :) I LOVE it, though!!

  3. Oh yes! DEfinitely worth that! Glad you found them, and glad you could buy two of them. They look so nice!

    I didn't ask because, well, because I figured you just like to tease us so it wouldn't do any good to ask. :)