June 9, 2009

Do you "Remember the Milk"?

I had post-it notes all over my desk.

I tried keeping one note book with all my "to-do's" however it got messy, turned into 6 notebooks and a huge mess.

I kept a personal computer calendar, work computer calendar, and paper calendar with random things in it.

I had random notes around the house with books to read, groceries to pick up, and websites to visit.

Needless to say, I have a lot going on and often my life is largely unorganized. Granted, I don't forget huge tasks, work projects, etc. However I'm always nervous that I will.

This last week, I was introduced to "Remember the Milk".

It is a free site (of course you can upgrade for a fee), that helps one keep all lists, tasks and to-dos in one place! After using it for just under a week now, I am totally hooked.

When you first log in, it lands at your "Today" list, which as you may have guessed, is everything due today. You can also easily click to "Tomorrow" or "Overdue".

From here, I typically go to my "Lists". These are categories that are completely customizeable. Here is what I have so far:

(Inbox, Bills, Blog/Social Networking, Books to read, Crafts, Family, Friends, Household/yard, MCPA, Personal, Photography, Professional Development, Study/School, Work, Sent, All)

I haven't had a chance to go through all my note books, stickies etc and enter them into the site, however I have not since wrote a sticky note, on in one of my 6 notebooks! Everything is going into a category.

Basically, I keep the site open at all times, adding as needed.

Here is a snapshot of my "Blog/Social Networking" category.

You can click on the above to see the details. You can see on the right it notes total time estimated to complete all tasks here, and my label cloud. You can also see I have a few items past due... oops. (hey, more organized doesn't always mean everything will get done!)

I also have a summary of "today's due tasks" sent to my email every morning (can be customized). Another fun feature that I have yet to use is the "Share". From my understanding, if someone you know also has Remember the Milk, one can share tasks. This would be super handy at work, or possibly in households!

I love it!
Sure there are a couple little picky things I would add or change, as it would work better for me, (ie:being able to color code items acording to category) however overall it is great! I highly recommend this! And heck, you can't beat free!


  1. Ok that is SWEET! Cause Lawd knows I'm unorganized as heck!! I think that's great you can sort things by category!! awesome! thanks for the tip!! And I'm sooo happy to have a new blog friend! :) I was reading our profile and we have A LOT in common!

  2. I'm still loving and using Remember the Milk (RTM). I figured out how to email tasks to my RTM account. This is perfect for those emails I need to follow up on and don't have time now. I did give in and upgrade ($25 a year) so I can use it on my blackberry too!