July 7, 2009

My hard drive is full

Just great. Right? I have a bunch of great photos to share from the holiday weekend, my garden, the flowers in our yard.... except I cannot upload anything.

So here is my attempt to update you without photos :)

Life is still busy, however I'm starting to wonder if I will ever find a time when I'm like "hey, things are slow!". :) Work is busy. Summer has proven to be a very busy time at the college. There are not as many students, however catching up on paperwork, files, prepping for fall, and collecting data to prove the program value has kept me busy. It is good.

I entered the June photo contest of the month! There is still time to vote!

Husband and I have a new patio set. His parents got it for us for our 5 year wedding anniversary! YEAH! It is great. I find myself wanting to just sit there and gaze at our yard, in a trance like state. Our flowers are coming up nicely. We also planted grass in parts that were not previously grass. It is spotty, yet coming up great overall. Our garden is so - so.

The corn was "knee high on the 4th of July", so good there. Strawberries are viney, however, not really producing anything. The tomato plants have many green tomatoes on them... I'm visioning making salsa soon (any good, not to spicy recipes?)! The potato plants are doing well for being planted so late. Then the pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers and muskmelons... no so much. I'm not sure what is going on with them, but I am disappointed.

I had also planted sunflowers behind the garden, against the fence, and then all around our new back yard fence, at each post. They were coming up nicely and I was visioning a beautiful sea of yellow... however something ATE almost all of them! I'm so sad!

The 4th was nice, though we didn't do much. Running late for fireworks, we stopped at a local place... which turned out perfect. It was on a hill, and we could at at least 15 different firework shows all at once, all around us! Very nice!

So that, is that. I hope to have more updates soon, with photos!

Have a great week!

PS! Don't forget to ask your questions on "What do you want to know about me!".


  1. Oh! We had the same thing happen with our sunflowers. My honey put a cage around the few remaining flowers, and they're getting taller, now. We only managed to save three of them. :(