August 10, 2009

Shoe Upgrade

Before today, this was the extent of my shoe collection.

Yes. This is it. I really had no interest in buying shoes.
They are expensive and take up a lot of space I do not have.

I needed to buy a couple new outfits for work, and came home with these instead.

Now I need to find clothes to match :)


  1. Aaaaahahaha!! That is fabulous! What great shoes...I love 'em. Finding clothes to go with them will be fun--enjoy! I'm a shoe girl, least I was until I started wearing Crocs.

    I guess I'm still a shoe girl, but all my shoes are Crocs of one sort or another. What in the world am I going to wear to Melissa's wedding? Maybe I can find some cute dressy crocs!

  2. First of all, I can't believe that was the extent of your show collection. I am embarrassed at how many shoes I have.
    Secondly, I am DROOLING over your new shoes! I especially love the strappy, silky sandals. OH MY!

  3. I actually really admire your small shoe collection. Even with the new pairs added in (which are really cute, I might add), you still have a really small collection.

  4. Oooh..You found some seriously sexy shoes! It's nice to do that from time to time.

  5. If I were to post of all my shoes it would take several photos! Shoes are addicting, this could be the start of something!