September 11, 2009

Crap like this makes me mad...

Taking a break from my regularly un-scheduled program...

I'm sure many of you have heard of the controversy (and more here)regarding the South African runner, Caster Semenya.

If not, my (grumpy) summary is that there is an 18 year old female runner in South Africa who is doing quite well, and because of this, she was subjected to a "gender test". Yeah. Instead of testing for steroids, or other performance enhancers, or just believing she is that good, she had to go through a bunch of crap to prove she wasn't a man.

Here is the article I saw today.

She withdrew from a race. She reportedly isn't feeling well, however the rumor is that she is a hermaphrodaite, also known as inersexual. Yes, "unconfirmed reports that her gender tests have revealed that she has both male and female sexual organs."

If these reports are true, she could have her medals taken away.

Which my reaction is:
- Holy Crap. Back off. Leave her alone. Maybe she is ill.
- This is a RUMOR. However folks are freaking out.
- Loose her medal? Why? She identifies as female, and seems she always has. It isn't like yesterday she was a man and today is woman.
- This cannot be easy for her, whether or not she is intersex. She had to have her very private business out there for everyone to see. Give her some privacy!

The article states that
Semenya "would be allowed to run if her condition was treated."
- Treated? Condition? What? This is not an illness! She did not choose this? It will not go away with therapy, or antibiotics!

The yahoo story goes on to ask "Who knew about this?"
-Who cares! I'm still stuck on IF she is intersexual, however identifies as a women, then, she is in fact a women!

I can only hope that from this people learn more about 'what is intersex', as well as help inform others about the myths and stereotypes.

According to the Intersex Society of North America, one in 100 births = the "total number of people whose bodies differ from standard male or female" It isn't like this is something new. It is, however, something people (in general) don't want to know about, do not want to share, or deny even exists.

It does exist. It is real. Deal with it people. And leave this poor woman alone.


  1. You go, girl! I'm right there with you.

    People need to get a life and quit trying to run everyone else's.