September 12, 2009

Today was a great day!

Today I...
  • Slept in a bit, which was so much needed!
  • Spend from when I woke, until mid-afternoon outside on the patio
  • Ordered my first shutterfly book! (they are currently on sale!)
  • Did a couple quick shopping errands with Husband and Dakota
  • Picked a couple tomatoes and make an absolutely delish supper
  • Went on a walk with Dakota and Husband to the lake
  • Did some blog, photo, and general computer organizing, trying to catch up!
Sure, it was somewhat of a lazy day with my spending 1/2 of it on the patio, however I feel relaxed and accomplished. I've also been sifting through some etsy stores! I feel a wish list coming on!

Well, that is about it. Don't forget to check back! Starting on Monday, I'll be doing my craft room makeover celebration, complete with all things creative and fun, including giveaways!

If you are interested in submitting a suggestion of crafty topic for me to post about, doing a guest post (this time, or next round) or would like to donate something for the giveaways, please contact me! You can reach me through email (foreverdaisies65 (at) yahoo (dot) com), or my twitter page!

I'm so excited for next week!

Feel free to copy and place the link below on your space!
Forever Daisies

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