February 7, 2010

Don't Buy a Washer w/o the Dryer

In writing, my problem has always been starting. The title, the intro paragraph seem to limit my ability to think creatively. I do not know why. However, this problem has moved from writing term papers, and research reports to emails and this blog. Yes. Lovely comparison, however there it is.

This last week was good. Stressful, but good.

We have been watching for a washer/dryer for awhile now, and this last week made a trip to the local scratch and dent store :) We had found the haven for mismatched appliances of all sorts. We compared. We pondered. We asked questions. Two hours later, we just knew. After paying for it, we anticipated its arrival the next Saturday.

Then we started looking for it's match. We wanted a pair. Now, not having a matching washer/dryer isn't going to end the world, however in my need to have everything match and be equal, I was really hoping to have the pair.

We search locally, online, made phone calls and sent emails. No luck. This model was discontinued 3 months ago. "Good Luck" was our peace offering. I was ready to buy the next one that was a deal. It didn't have to match.

Then, there it was. In all it's perfection. Yes, this one was "Used" and "Refurbished" However it was wonderful and amazing. We picked it up and brought it home. We are so happy.


  1. Oooh...they're beautiful. You're such a lucky momma!