May 20, 2010

Please help our livingroom!

Problem One:
When we moved into our home, our living room is currently a dark grey/brown/lets mix everything we have left from the rest of the house together so we have enough to paint this, color

Is is dark and dingy. It spans three walls of our living space, and into the "sitting room" which we use for our piano and china hutch.

Problem Two:
Carpet + Puppies. Need I say more? They do not have accidents any more, however they roll in the dirt outside and then come in and roll on the once nearly white carpet. It now looks like crap. We purchased a large rug, however now the rug, and around the rug looks ish. When we pick up the rug to look under it, one can definitely tell there is a "dirt line".

Question One:
What color(s) should we repaint? I want something light and airy without being too much.

Question Two:
Take up the carpet? Or not? There are wood floors under, however the corner of the carpet I peaked under, it appears whomever tacked down the carpet used plenty of staples. I don't want to rip up the carpet on to expose a mess of a wood floor.


I do like the idea of a beachy theme.

I recently picked up 2 of these clearance side tables.

I have had this for a while, LOVE it, however haven't found the perfect spot. Will our livingroom fit?

Please... anything. I am uninspired. We are on a very low budget... like really, at this point we can only, maybe, afford the paint, and time to rip up the carpet, so nothing fancy!



  1. I see what you mean about the wall color. It's like your room + furniture + carpet is all in the same color family. I was going to suggest yellow, as I too think the room needs some lightening, but that wouldn't really be good since the curtains are also yellow. So I'm going to suggest some sort of light blue. Not baby blue, but more of a soft aqua to add to the beachy theme that you like.

    Since you're on a budget, can you buy a good vacuum (maybe a Dyson or something) that can help you keep the carpet cleaner? Maybe once you have a little more cash, you can take up the carpet entirely and then deal with repairing the wood flooring if needed. FYI, wood floors are also pretty hard to keep clean with pets. Sometimes I wish we had carpet all over the house so I could find the elusive hair balls more easily. ;)

  2. I would take the beachy theme and roll with it. Maybe a light bluish/grey for the walls. Repaint those little end tables white. Then you could all little splashes of color (blue, yellow, green) pillows on the couch. I would take the carpet could look beachy-rustic with the rest of the room. Just a thought! :)

  3. Enjoyed my first visit here with you! Love the suggestions made. Can't wait to see what you do.

    Come see me.

  4. well, I can only say: good luck :)

  5. You know what stood out to me even more than the wall color? The trim. I think you could update and brighten the room by painting it white.

    I also was thinking aqua, even before I read the other comments! I even think you could leave the walls, and accent with aqua (curtains, pillows, accessories), white (end tables), and dark brown (rug).

    I do love wood floors and think they update a space, but only if you're up for the hair-wrangling challenge (plus spiffing it up from the nail holes and such).

    Good luck! And thanks for stopping by heynowwhoanow!