January 2, 2011

Bucket List. #131. Birthday Wish.

On September 18, 1997 I opened up a brand new purple note book and started a list. At the top of the page I wrote "My Goals / To Do List"

I then started to number down the left side of the page. I wrote nine goals that day. I was 14.

Over the years I added to the list (# 64: watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day 12-18-99), crossed off and dated when something was accomplished (ie: #43: learn to play the violin 8-17-98 accomplished with lessons starting in the summer of 2000), and rolled my eyes at a couple of the items a silly teenager wrote (ie: #5 be a student librarian, 9-18-97, accomplished Sept 2000).

There has been little activity in the purple notebook for quite some time. After starting college, I only made a few entries, and now and then crossed off items. Don't get me wrong, I have goals, dreams, and a major "to do list", I just have not been as diligent in writing it down (however as i write this post, I pause every time something comes to mind - the purple note book is open in my lap...).


# 131

I remember as a child watching TV (and on TV ever since) seeing news stories on Nightline, 60 Minutes, or other random shows, plus the commercials showing pictures of starving children, asking to donate just a dollar a day.

These stories tug at my heart strings. I have since met, worked with, and become friends with many individuals with amazing life stories. Everyone has a different path, yet one key thing remains the same... They had someone to believe in, to give them hope and support when life was pushing them down.

Well this year, I would like to complete goal number 131. Sponsor a child.

I have done a bit of research, and decided to sponsor through Compassion (if you are wondering, Compassion is a Christian organization). I love the holistic approach they take, and am amazed at the first hand accounts I have heard from Carlos and Heather.

Now. Here is the deal - e - o. ;)

I do not want birthday gifts this year. Honestly, I do not need anything - my house is full of treasures already!

What I would like for my birthday this year is help from you in finishing my bucket list #131: Sponsor a child. Sponsorship is $456 for a year, that is $38 dollars a month... just over a dollar per facebook friend.

Will you donate, even $1.00 to help me sponsor a child?

My deadline is January 22 for #131's completion. Thank you in advance!

You can donate any amount through the paypal link below.

I will be posting updates on my donation goals every couple of days! THANK YOU!

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  1. Are we facebook friends yet? How horrible is it that I can't remember?