January 28, 2011

i heart Esty & my new {simple} necklace!

When I first began the One Little Word class with Ali Edwards, there was all sorts of talk from others about purchasing jewelry with the chosen word on it. I L.O.V.E.D. the idea, however the various sites people were referring to didn't seem to fit my budget.

After sulking for awhile, I did my own search on Etsy. I found the perfect necklace with charm from a cute little shop called HipHopHippos. It was quite reasonably priced and was the {simple} beauty I had been looking for. I messaged the shop owner, asking about customizing, etc.

Later that evening, I had a reply in hand, with a few very kind and helpful thoughts/suggestions from the shop owner about the charm size and customizing.

Before the day was over, I purchased a beautiful charm necklace and was already anticipating it's arrival.

Low and behold, on my birthday it came in the mail! What a lovely bit of inspiration from my One Little Word on my little day! :) I was jumping up and down when my husband waved it in the air telling me I had received a package.

It was very nicely packaged, though I tore it open too quickly, forgetting to take a photo.

I wore it all day on my birthday (and most of this last week!).

It is exactly what I wanted. I am very happy and plan to purchase a new charm each year to add to my necklace.

HipHopHippos also has a great selection of very cute items... I'll be adding this to my list of shopping sites to visit for future gifts!

This is not a sponsored post... I was just that happy with my necklace! :)

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  1. Pretty!

    Thanks for posting this! I asked Roy for a similar necklace for Mother's Day (only with the names of my boys). This shop has much more inexpensive options. :)