January 16, 2011

Weekend Flair #11

handmade projects

Thinking of you Card

In light of my goal to write more actual letters,  I decided to make a few Thinking of You cards this weekend. 

For an added challenge, I wanted this set of cards to hold a small gift: a bright, fresh, colorful marker! Who doesn't just love a new marker!?

I first chose 3 markers, three matching ribbons and three 8x8 sheets of patterned card stock paper.  I folded the card stock in half, and matched up all items.

I pondered a couple different ways of attaching the marker, however decided the ribbon would provide the best "hook". After some experimenting, I found I could run the ribbon through my sticker maker, leaving one small section without the 'sticky' by folding it over before pulling it through.

 Here is a better up close of the fold over after pulling the ribbon through.

I attached the ribbon to the folded 8x8 paper, and then trimmed off the extra.

I trimmed three strips of brown paper, and then lightly sanded the edges.

Using embossing ink, I stamped "just for you" with a right alignment and a stitched pattern on the left and heat dried it for effect.

I attached each of the brown strips to a card.


 It felt like it still needed something, so I cut out a few flowers using my Cricut.

I ran the flowers through the sticker maker, attached to the cards, and used yellow embossing power for the centers.

Here is the final product!

I'm super excited to send these off! 


  1. Ummm.... So this is seriously the most awesome thing I have seen today. What an incredibly cute and original idea, I love it!! I have to tweet this!

  2. I love these! I want to come play in your craft studio!