February 21, 2011

My Life Right Now

  • You can see I'm not doing so well on my Project "Finish the Scrapbook". In my defense, I have sorted tons of photos. It just doesn't look that way as I started with so many!
  • Thank goodness the sticky notes are not all "to dos". Some there are from the "Bedroom Problems" post.
  • I am thankful I had today off work to catch up. Well, I know that catching up in one day isn't going to happen, however I can pretend.
  • I'm proud that I made breakfast this morning and had a salad for lunch.
  • I packaged up the Sharpies and Post-It's for the winners of my giveaway.
  • While I'm working on my blog, guest posts, and scrap projects all at the same time, I'm praying there is enough snow I do not have to work tomorrow - slim chance of that, 12+ inches of snow is nothing in MN - however I can hope.
  • On my iPod -- Enya, Reba, Chicago, Ragheb Alama and Taylor Swift have all played in the last 10 minutes! 
What is going on in your life, right now?


  1. i'm nursing simon. he'll probably fall asleep which means charlie will wake up. ;)

  2. Yikes!! What a project, but it looks like fun :)

    To answer your question, I'm trying to buy my first house.

    Visiting from SITS.

  3. What a cute, fun, cheery room!!!