March 7, 2011

{simple} scrapbook page

In my quest for finding the {simple} parts of life, I have been striving to use the craft supplies on hand. First, it is much easier than going to the store and 2nd, if I suddenly could not leave the house for an undetermined length of time, it is very likely I could go months without running out of patterned paper.

I digress...

Today, I was determined to finish a page. I grabbed a stack of photos needing a scrapbook home, and quickly found 2 that caught my eye. I chose a piece of paper and went to work.

I used a paper punch and gray paper (all the gray in these photos look brown) to cover the creature...

Matted the photos...

Made a date tag...

And within 15 minutes had this:

Something was needed. I dug a little deeper in my supplies and found the red circles. Those it helped, I felt there was still something else that could be added.

I scavenged around a bit more and came up with a perfect solution.

{simple} page in under 30 minutes! I should do all my scrapbooking like this!

1 comment:

  1. I like what you did on your scrapbook... MOstly Red! love it!