March 11, 2011

Weekend Flair #14 - Paper Star

In craft stores, home decorating stores, home improvement stores... just about everywhere I have noticed those metal stars of all sizes and colors. Then I begin noticing them in peoples homes, on their front doors, even on garages!

I actually like them. I do not know why. They catch my eye. However I have thus far been too cheap to buy one.

Today, I made one!

I LOVE how it turned out!

It was no easy feat. Well, after engineering it correctly, it was actually quite easy. ;)

We can do this today in just 6 simple steps:

1. Choose paper
2. Print pattern on back of paper
3. Cut and fold tabs
4. Arrange
5. Glue
6. Ribbon

Now, the details.

1. Choose Paper and cut to size if needed.

2. Print pattern on back of paper
  • You can download my pattern here or make your own (this will download a word document in a zip file).
  • Be sure to print on the back of the paper!
  • The shape on the file can be adjusted in size if you want a slightly larger or smaller star

3. Cut / fold tabs
  • Pretty much just that. Cut along the outside lines.
  • Fold tabs

4. Arrange

  • I numbered mine as I wanted some kind of pattern when I glued - you can arrange however you would like, pattern, or random!

    5. Glue 
    • I started by gluing 2 together and gave a few minutes to dry.
    • I ended up using a bit of reinforcement tape as a couple didn't stick as well.
    • After gluing the pairs, I did another quick bit of arranging and glued everything together.

     6. Ribbon
    • This is where it was a bit tricky. The star was pretty much complete minus the fact it didn't want to keep it's nice shape once hung up. I stapled ribbon to the backs to help hold the point sections. I would LOVE to hear if anyone has other ideas!

      Your star is now complete!  Now,  deciding where to hang it is going to be the hard part!

      If you make this project, be sure to leave me your link so I can check it out!

      Your Paper Engineer,


      P. S.See my other weekend flair projects here.


      1. Oh honey, what a gifted talent ya are. This is have inspired me! I always have a big...I'm talkin' big all day family bash here on the Ponderosa on the forth of July! Guess what I'm doin'???

        Have a great day and may it be filled with warm blessins!!! :o)

      2. very cute! Stopping by from FJI. I might need to make some of these, they are simply adorable. Thanks for sharing.

      3. Very cute! I can picture using these in a nursery with some cute kiddie paper. :-) Thanks for linking up!

      4. Here is a link to my post I did at Christmas. It shows how to make a star with one piece of paper if you are interested. Yours is so cute you might not even want to try this.

      5. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I bet if you put these back to back, you could make a star for the top of your Christmas tree! Thanks for the idea!!!

      6. These are so cute. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. Now I have another neat craft project to put on my to do list!

        These "barn stars" are really big in prim decor. If you'd like to link this up to my prim party, you're more than welcome to. It runs from Sundays to Wednesdays.


      7. These are beautiful. We had someone in Hawai'i that made us a bunch because we brought him back paper from Japan.