April 14, 2011

Weekend Flair #17 - Baby Shower Invites

With my sister Carrie having her first baby in July, I have been working on planning a baby shower! :)

After chatting with her a bit about it, and confirmation on having a boy, we decided on a "FireTrucks" theme and to invite the guys to her house for grilling and the ladies to another location for whatever I planned. After this, she let me loose to do whatever. Dangerous! Hehe!

 Other than having the shower invites made and mailed, I haven't gotten very far.

It was a long, step by step process which included printing...

Cutting with the Cricut (using Everyday Paper Dolls)...


Using a round punch while the Cricut was busy with firetrucks and hydrants...


 Recruiting Alan to help with various steps...

 However having him help with embossing may not have been the best idea! :)

 (though I have to admit, he only burnt a couple!)

  We glued the trucks to the back of the printed invite.

What is your favorite baby shower activity?

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  1. so cute! I really need a cricut...I saw you on shabby chic cottage.


  2. Those are so adorable and unique. I have not seen anyone do a "firetruck" theme for a baby before. The mom was very appreciative, I am sure. It will also be great in the baby book.

  3. How cute! And I bet the men liked to be included too!

  4. The celebration of baby shower is a time of great joy for all the family of the pregnant woman and unborn child, and to make this celebration a success must be planned in advance by the best friend of the mother or herself.