June 8, 2011

Cream colored letter day...

I had read about it....

Others had talked about it on their blog...

however I wouldn't have been able to explain it until I actually experienced it myself.

The day before Easter break, I came home to a cream colored envelope in my mailbox. I knew exactly what it was. I flipped it over to see "MESSAGE FROM YOUR SPONSORED CHILD" written in bold blue on the front.

It was so amazing to get a letter from Vanesa.  I have been writing a handwritten letter once a month and sometimes sending emails between those. I hope she has been getting my letters now too (I know travel time can be super long to Uganda).

In her letter, she wrote that her favorite food is Posho (which I googled to find it is a porridge like food with little nutritional value), her favorite color is red, and fav game in jumping. She wrote that her dream for the future is to be a doctor! (my heart melted with this. I work with pre-medical students... one is from Uganda...) She asked me to pray for her to keep healthy and that she will pray for me. (isn't that just sweet!) She also drew pictured (and labeled them) of a box, girl, boy, cup, book and church.

I had Alan snap a quick photo of me with the letter to send to her :)

If you are interested in receiving your very own cream colored envelope, please hop on over to sponsor a child!

A group of bloggers recently came back from visiting Compassion children in the Philippines. If you are interested in what they saw there, please click here. Their stories are... well, I really cannot explain. They are real.

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