June 2, 2011

FYI: this is not a professional blog

... in case you haven't noticed, my posts are sporadic at best. Topics, frequency, photos vs no photos...

I'm learning to be okay with that. I mean, I never thought I would be a professional blogger, however I did have hopes I could be consistent in posting. I wanted to use this space to document life, to share some specifics things with readers (ie: Compassion letter tips and craft ideas) and to post photos to help myself become better at sorting, editing the hundreds of photos that I have, as well as become a better photographer in general.

I still want to do these things, however have realized my life, mood, schedule, and priorities are too random for me to stick to anything very scheduled. I do hope to become better, however I have a giant to do list, my house is a disaster (I'm too embarrassed to share photos), and I'm very behind at work (I was out of state for a work thing, and stayed a couple extra days).

I hope to share a few things with you in the coming days, however lets just both agree that likely isn't going to happen ;)

Instead, I present to you a run down of a few of the topics I would love to write about, however in reality will not..

  • Crazy work month of May... Students graduated/transferred, and a few are staying. Now have reports to write, and new student applications to read though.
  • My battle with laundry.
  • My work conference stunk. Yeah. The first day of the workshops (all 10 hours of it), all I remember learning was the other participants names, and the 2nd day the instructor insulted my profession and graduate program, starting his sentence with... "now this is most likely going to offend some of you..." It was a long 3 days
  • On the upside, my coworker and I enjoyed going out to eat in the evenings, and staying up late laughing at stupid tv shows
  • Alan met me after the conference and we enjoyed a few extra days away to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary! It was super wonderful 
  • I'm still in a different time zone (hence being up after 1 am... not good)
  • I started not feeling well the last day of the trip. The flight didn't help. Went to the dr today, who was also little help.
  • I'm hoping to plant my garden this weekend.
There it is.  I have many more things I do really hope to share soon. I will be sure to post more frequently, however do not expect any miracles.

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