June 7, 2011

Garden progress

Since our first summer at our house, I have wanted to landscape the garden area. Though our backyard hill is great for winter sledding, it didn't work out so well when It came to garden water run off.  Our plants have always done okay, however I know it could be better (not to mention, look better!).

We decided to do a little landscaping each year until done. Supplies cost adds up quickly, so one piece at a time is just fine by me. Last year, we started leveling off sections and started fencing off an area (Dakota and Jaffery enjoy running through the garden and napping on plants). A couple weeks ago, we decided to tackle some of the tiered garden look I was hoping for.

Thank you to Alan and my brother Brad for doing most of the work! :)

Still needs a little work in this picture, however a great deal better!


  1. waiting for the next progress! :)

  2. That's a LOT of work they accomplished. It looks great. Good idea to go in stages.