July 24, 2011

One for the ladies!

For the last couple of summers, Alan and I have the same argument...

Kim: I'm going to cut that stupid plant down.

Alan: I thought you said it was an elephant ear plant?

Kim: I said it looks like one, however that doesn't mean I want to keep it! I'm going to cut it down.

Alan: No, you are not. It is nice having things that come back every year.

Kim: But it looks stupid, and ugly and it over powers everything else.

Alan: Leave it. I like it. It looks like it is going to flower soon!


I eventually give in and leave it. It is extremely ugly. It had never flowered... until this year... :)

On Thursday, I grinned to myself, took the following 2 photos and stayed quiet.

On Friday, with his head held low, Alan approached me.


Alan: I think I'm going to cut down that plant.

Kim: Now, why would you do that?

Alan: I think it is a cocklebur plant.

Kim: (*Trying not to smile, too big) Oh, Okay.

I think he enjoyed cutting it down a bit much. However I let him have his fun, being I won this one ;)

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  1. We are forever in jeopardy of our yard overtaking us! Kind of a pain. Finally visiting from #commenthour - just subscribed to your rss.