September 13, 2011

Not saving big money

When shopping, Alan and I have made it a habit to check the regular price listed under the sale price. This allows us to know how good of deal we are really getting. Typically, it isn't that great. We have laughed many a time when the "sale" is a mere 2 -10 cents off the original price. However nothing compared to what we found today at Menards.

Behold. This is what not saving big money looks like:

Sale price: $8.07   |   Regular price: $7.97
Something is wrong with that. I did check a few of the others. No major rip off anywhere else, however this is a perfect example of why you should check the price under the sale!


  1. Nice. That's good salesmanship! (not)

  2. Hehe. It does make you wonder if they really think anyone is thrilled to see that whole .08 cent reduction in price.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day, it was so much fun getting all that bloggy love.

  3. Karen -- read the prices again. You are actually paying more for the sale!

  4. Oh, that's horrible!!! I will be checking prices from now on!