October 8, 2011

One Little Word

It has been a busy week. Work has been moving at full speed. Jaffery's birthday was on Wednesday (above photo is him chillin with his new birthday friend), I had a doctor's appointment Friday, I worked Friday evening, and Saturday. I have been helping Alan with is website and all while pretending to also keep up with laundry, dishes, and the yard work (the leaves are taking over the lawn!).

I have been so behind on the One Little Word assignments and haven't been able to keep up on the forum. I wish I could. I tried at first. However I have decided to give in and realized to really embrace  {simple} this year, I might not be able to do everything.

This has been a constant struggle. I come home to a huge pile of dirty dishes and laundry all over. However, I have been able to take time to watch a movie with Alan and play in the back yard with Dakota and Jaffery. I have been going on more walks, scrapbooking more, and starting to read again. My major struggle right now is balance (is that pushing forward as my word for 2012?). I have a hard time between taking a deep breath and enjoying life, and doing things that just need done (such as cleaning).

How do I balance and still live a simple life?

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