November 28, 2011

December Daily

I have been reading about Ali Edwards December daily each December for a couple years. This year, I considered participating, and then decided I was too busy, and figured "really what would I document?".

Well, in a random spur of the moment, I can't get December Daily out of my mind, I decided to push forward. I'm working on my cover tonight and printed my foundation pages. I'm not using the 2011 Designer Digital templates. Instead, I already had the Ali Edwards Monthly Photo Overlays and decided to use the December 1-25 instead of purchasing something different.

I'm super excited! Now to finish the foundation pages!

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  1. great job! love your album cover!

  2. You're off to a great start. Very inspiring. :)


  3. how fun! i never stick to anything... so this wouldn't ever get done. =( so so pretty though!