December 31, 2011

2011 December Daily - Days 21-25

... and the last page, ending as we began...


Items Not listed above: Stripped pattern paper found in my scrap pile, generic red card stock for base pages, Recollections Glitter Adhesive Dots, Ali Edwards Monthly Photo Overlays

Wow! What a month! I'm very happy I completed this December Daily Project! It was fun to see the various activities we did throughout the month. For me I struggle with if I should do it again next year (yes, I think way too far ahead). My reason for the struggle is I felt I was documenting things that would just go into my Project Life Album (that I'm starting for 2012). With us not having kids, it seems there is only so much to talk about. We don't have school events, Elf of the Shelf, Santa... I guess I'll see how the year goes and where we are at in a year!

My top 5 tips for anyone thinking about this project:

1. Plan ahead as much as possible.  - I decided to do this project only a couple days before December. I didn't have as much ready as I would have liked.  Having pages, dates, supplies, everything ready to go is key.
2. Along with #1, having the same layout each day makes things easier.

3. Have a couple things ready to add in in case you don't have anything specific to include on a specific day. For example, if you are doing Elf on the Shelf, that could be a story any day. Take a few pictures and jot down a couple notes along the way, and then this story is ready for a slow day. One could also have a list of favorite holiday songs, movies, or other favorites to go along with a slow day!

4. Keep up daily if possible (to not add stress later), however don't allow yourself to become stressed if you get a little behind.

5. Keep all your December Daily in one area that you do not have to pick up each day. No point in using up time to pick up and get back out each day. If keeping your supplies out isn't possible, have them well organized and easily accessible.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Wishing you all the best in 2012!

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  1. GREAT daily. I love that included a pic of the whole family on 12/24. I should have done that! Great tips, too, at the end.