December 23, 2011

Hello! Wow! I'm actually writing a post!? Weird :) I was getting a little too used to scrapbooking or crafting up something, taking a not-that-great-photo in the icky basement lighting, posting it up, and done!

If you have been following my December Daily, do not fret! I'll get 21-25 posted next week, after the craziness of the holiday season :)

I'm excited for the holiday, but not the crazy. We will be visiting family, and will be taking Dakota and Jaffery with us. While we LOVE our puppies, and they actually travel well, they can be a handful in new environments, especially those with cats. YIKES!

huh... what else am I excited for?

- everyone coming together, laughing, loving, enjoying time spent together
- the amazing food
- seeing my grandma
- seeing my nephews opening their gifts - the joy in their eyes
- time with Alan. While the car ride length stinks, we get to actually talk and spend time together during the long drive
- the quiet time away from the city - where I found my One Little Word last year!
- the quiet time just at home with a few days away from work!
- starting my 365 project again after  a year break! This year, I'll be using Project Life! 
- time to catch up, reflect and plan for the new year!

What are you looking forward to?
Anyone else participating in the OLW project this year? Have you decided on a word?

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  1. I have to say your header is so cute and vibrant! I am new here, found you on Chasing Joy. For now, I am just looking forward to the new year. Saying bye to the old and welcoming the new. Happy New Year!!