January 4, 2012

One Little Word - 2012

 I'm still finishing documenting the last couple prompts from my 2011 One Little Word, simple. However it was an amazing experience. I hope to have a word pick me each year going forward.

I loved the word completely and thought of it often. It did guide me in so many ways. I could have done more, however I'm happy with where it landed me. Actually, it got me ready for my 2012 word....


Yeah. Really.

I'm not sure about it yet, however it is the one that kept coming back to me. I know why it continued to come back to my heart, however my head isn't ready for it. :)

The One Little word class by Ali Edward at Big Picture Classes was also wonderful. I loved the prompts, the community, the encouragement from others, and of course Ali is amazing! :)  I'll be working with the prompts again this year, and am excited to see how things move forward.

If you would like to sign up for the One Little Word class, or any other classes at Big Picture, sign up here for a free account and then search the endless opportunities for creative learning!

Have you chosen a word? How do you use it throughout the year?


  1. Do was nearly my word! I played around with do, go, make, time, now, see -- and then I realized that present carries something from nearly each of those words. It can be about giving, making use of the now, being there for others, taking care of myself, not procrastinating, taking care of my home and my things, and again, making use of the now. That one is SO important I have to list it twice!

    Last year, I did a layout without any photos right away so it would be one of the first pages in my album. Then, I would see it each time I put something into my scrapbook. It worked pretty well -- my word was move, and I feel like I made some major progress in each area I wanted to move on.

  2. I think it is a great word.
    I do believe it is a word that can be used throughout the year as motivation.
    I haven't chosen a word but you got me thinking that maybe I should. Hmmmm I got think on this one.