January 30, 2012

Project Life, Jan 23-29

When I started my 365 project in 2009-2010, I really focused on the one photo a day part. When I printed, I would narrow down what seemed like a gazillion photos to a single one for each day. Now with Project Life, I can do whatever I want. I do not feel so confined (though I am well aware I was confining myself before). This thing called Project Life is liberating.

Project Life CAN really be whatever you need it to be. Taking it one more step... Project Life can be whatever you need it to be, this week, today.

Since starting Project Life a few weeks ago, I am journaling more. WAY more. However weeks like this one, I didn't add anything except a lot of photos! Sometimes, I stamp a few words, other times I use a sticker, or SMASH item to fill a space and decorate. I can have one 'spread', or a spread jammed with additional, multi-sized pages between. I can easily incorporate large photos, small photos, weird size square Instagram photos.

I LOVE IT. I'm not stressed about scrapbooking my photos. Instead, I'm actually preserving memories. I get all the photos printed and in a beautiful album within a week of taking them. Each week, as I place the new ones in, I just have to go back and look at previous weeks. It is inspiring me to continue memory keeping, regardless of it's form. Instead of being disappointed in myself having tens of thousands of photos on my hard drives, I can be proud to have them printed to allow us to page through and remember moments.

Here is this week!

I used a 12x6 page protector, trimmed it to 6x6 to fit a couple Instagram photos! :)

I had tons more Instagram photos I wanted to include this week, and trying to take the easy road (instead of importing to Photoshop), I selected all photos I wanted in iPhoto, clicked "print", and then choose the option to print multiple on a page. This left me with a strange size... I then cut and sewed a 11x8.5 page protector to about 11x6 3/4. It allowed me to fit all these fun square photos easily into this week!

I am simply thrilled with doing Project Life. It just makes sense. Now my goal is to work forward and backwards! I want to continue going with 2012 Project Life, however would love to do previous years. Let's hope my One Little Word this year {do} helps inspire me to do just that! :)

How are you making Project Life work for you?


  1. I love all the photos! How awesome! I am already falling behind on the album part of this! Maybe if I was doing more photos and less "stuff," I wouldn't have this problem.

  2. eeeek I love the instagram photos. so awesome!

  3. So cool. I haven't tried sewing on a page protector yet, but you are inspiring me! :D This is great. I am so envious of the instagram photos.

  4. I love all the pictures, the size is great. Your pages look fabulous.

  5. I love how you added the instagram photos. I am loving Project Life as well. It has removed the stress of documenting our lives for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I wish I had an iPhone because I love your insert!