February 19, 2012

Project Life, February 6-12

Finally catching up after visiting family a couple weeks ago, and being flattened for 3 days by stomach flu!

While we were in South Dakota for my mom's 50th birthday, Dakota and Jaffery stayed at their favorite pet boarding facility. I trimmed and sewed a 6x12 to fit their report cards :)

We also leave a camera with the staff so we can see what Dakota and Jaffery are up to while we are away. I had to use the photos this week. I used Project Life Design D as an insert. Not having any vertical photos, I printed 2 photos on 4x6 photo paper, and they worked perfectly!

  I also had this brilliant idea on the drive back to take photos of what we see. We drive this road so often, it is easy to forget and skim over the beauty. I used Instagram, thus then using the 4x4 photos (we r memory keepers) page protectors.

I trimmed and sewed another 6x12 page protector to include the photos of Dakota and Jaffery, exhausted after we picked them up. 


Also used Technique Tuesday stamp set, "this one" by Ali Edwards.

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  1. Wow...look at you getting all caught up! Love your road trip photos...lately these have been some of my favorite photos as well because we all take a monthly three hour road trip to see family and friends. The dogs got all tuckered out in the kennel with all the other dogs I bet. Glad that you are feeling better. Now I'm off to get something done...lol
    Fondly, Roberta