March 6, 2012

Project Life, Feb 20-March 4

I've been playing catch up for a couple weeks, however here I am. Finally. Photos are printed and in the book!

February 20-26


 I added 2 circle stickers back-to-back on the 2nd middle insert (the one with the 4x6 photos) to help it stick out a little and not blend into the one before it as much!

February 27-March 4

Welcome March!



  1. hi Kimberley, love your album, its great how your've added your dogs playtime, animals are such a big part of our family too, love all the snow pics, we dont get any snow where l live, so l love looking at everyones snow photos, looks so cold, but so much fun, brrrrr, also love the core cards from the set your using, they are on my next wish list.....cheers ..kate

  2. I love the 6x6 pictures in your album!