March 12, 2012

Project Life, March 5-11

 For this week's insert, I used a We R Memory Keepers 9-4x4 inch pockets photo sleeves. I cut it down to 6-4x4, and it was perfect! These particular photo sleeves have been great for instagram, however I also have cropped a few others photos to fit.

 This week, I also tried taking more photos of ME! I'm always behind the camera, and do prefer it that way, however I also would hate to be looking back and have only a handful of photos of myself during the course of a year - or lifetime!

I love this photo so much, I cropped it to 4x8 cut in 1/2 and used in these square photo spots!

 I used another back to back sticker hanging off the edge to show there was a smaller insert. So far, this has been my go to solution for inserts!

 I have been lacking on journaling lately, thus I used up an entire card trying to remember what we did during the week!

Oh Jaffery... My puppy who thinks he is a person. :)

I'm not "scrapbooking" as much as before, however I am printing way more photos (a very good thing), and getting them in an album. I plan to keep traditional scrapbooking, however don't feel the pressure of scrapbooking every photo (Project Life is doing that for me!). Additionally, I'm not behind. I am ALL CAUGHT UP on 2012 photos. Wow. That is awesome!



  1. I like your "go to" solution for inserts (the sticker/tabs).
    Getting ourselves into our albums can be challenging and take discipline and intention. Love that you are doing it. Some weeks I'm better than others at remembering to hand the camera to one of the kids, or someone else or to set up with the remote.
    Love your pages!

  2. Great pages!! very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  3. great pages...I love the flower pictures in the beautiful!

    have a great week

  4. eeek love that square protector and your little eyelet tag is adorable, what a great idea :)

  5. I had a friend stay on the weekend & she looked through last year's & this year's album & then took my camera & said you don't have many photos of you & took some lovely photos of me & 2 of my girls.
    Love your solution for the tabs!

  6. Love it. I need to have more pictures taken that include me too. I'm never in front of the lens. Someday my kids will not be able to remember me.

  7. Love your pages! Great job! Love how you printed that photo out 4x8 and then cut it in half and used it that way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. It's nice that you are making sure t include some photo's of yourself :-)

    Stopping by from #commenthour

  9. I love how you are documenting your life through photos and journaling. It is wonderful to know that you will always have these moments there to look at.


  10. Great job memories and journal are important. They look so great. I need to take my advice and get moving. Visiting from commenthour

  11. I love seeing people use these little-r photo pockets. it looks so cute. and i love the tab you have there. I wish we had better crafting supplies in the UK. x