May 21, 2012

I'm still here!

What have I been up too? Well, I have been able to continue my random posting on twitter, and a bit on facebook, however here on the good 'ol blog, it has been... well, lame. With Extra Lame Lame sauce.

I'm sorry about that :)  I have been busy!

Doing what!?


Enjoying the amazing weather  and watching everything bloom!

Our refrigerator quit, so we spent a lot of time searching for our new shiny fridge.

Watching Dakota dream about flying

Cleaning my office/studio/craft room

 Shopping for mulch... day after day (we could only haul 10 bags at a time)

Enjoying more blooms!

Celebrating Alan's 30th Birthday

Winning awards!

 Planting the garden!

Eating yummy food.

Completing the Copic Standard and Intermediate Classes.

Organizing my Copics

And SO much more! I do have some fun crafty things up my sleeve, so please, hang in there! It will be worth it. Or maybe not. ;) Either way, I hope you hang around long enough to find out!

What crafty goodness are you hoping to find here on Forever Daisies?

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