July 6, 2012

Crop Ahoy! 2012 Scrapbook Weekend!

If you were following my Twitter feed last weekend, you may have been a bit overwhelmed by crazy scrapbooking and crafting all weekend, at all hours of the day. :)

For the last several years, in June, there is a "crop" near my hometown in South Dakota. My mom and sister live nearby, so it is a fun weekend to hang out with them, take a couple friends for an eight hour road trip, and make at least a bit of progress on my projects!

This is my car before my two travel mates arrived!

Fortunately, they know I'm a heavy packer. We did manage to get everything in the car!  PS: see the tiny bag on the back seat? Yeah, that is my clothes for the weekend... everything else is for my art filled weekend.

My table before unpacking too much.

I did get a few things done!

Around 100 people attend, from Friday 9am-Sunday noon. This year's scrapbooking theme was "Crop Ahoy!" - so of course, there was a costume contest!

Have you ever attended a weekend crop (or other art/craft) weekend of fun?


  1. This would be so fun. I have an inner scrapper...just haven't seen her in forever. But I love all the creativity and love that goes into scrapping.

  2. Wow, this is the FIRST I've heard of something like this!! What an amazing idea. Who runs this?
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Found your blog via Elise's blog!