July 9, 2012

A little push

As I sit here trying to pull myself together because my dishes are unwashed, my Etsy store is empty, the laundry is piled high, and my dogs have left traces of fur all over the house, I find myself curious how my students get by day to day. While I have no idea the condition of their dishes, laundry, or furniture, I do know they are full time students working 20+ hours a week, often using the money they earn for rent and to care for family members. Loans are usually taken out to pay for school and if there is anything left over, they eat (this is why I keep a stash of juice boxes, granola bars and the fruit of the season in my office).

How can they be so damn motivated while life is spinning circles around them? Sure, some of them trip up, get behind, fail a class - yet with a little push, they are able to keep moving forward.

Huh. There it is. "...with a little push...". 

By day, I work at a community college as an "Advisor" to a group of at risk students. Some call it "intrusive advising" however it has also been known as: advisor, counselor, mentor, butt kicker, and part time mom. I meet with my students every week during the school year, and keep in touch over the summer. I make sure they are in class, turning in their homework, and wisely spending their financial aid money. Whether they like it or not, I challenge them, encourage them, check up on them, push them.

"...with a little push..." they are staying on track. Their lives are absolutely crazy, however somehow, they make it.

It is possible all we really need is someone who is always there? Someone making sure we are staying on track?

It is possible, "...with a little push..." we can all reach our goals and dreams?

Note: While this blog has had a heavy focus on crafting and photography, I wanted to try a little something different to mix it up! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I want to "keep it real", however find it hard to balance what to share about my work and personal life beyond art. I would love to hear your thoughts and how you balance what you share! ~KK

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  1. Personally, I like to have a peek into the lives behind the crafts and photos, so mixing in some personal stories is a good thing, especially when they offer inspiration like this one.