October 19, 2012

Weekend Flair: Halloween

Do you decorate for Halloween? I typically mush Halloween into the "fall" category and let nature take care of it.

However, this year I decided to be a little extra creative. First, I bought 2 rolls of white streamers from Target and a little clean packing tape and started wrapping my front door.

 I wrapped for what seemed like hours (likely a few minutes), and found myself only 1/2 way down the door and out of streamer paper. I made a run to another Target picked up a couple more and thankfully was able to finish the job.

I traced a couple large white circles using mixing bowls and a couple small black circles using soup bowls to make the eyes, and there appeared a mummy front door! 
Last year after Halloween, I of course made my way through the clearance. I found these wonderful  window decorations for a couple dollars. 

If you happen to already own orange plastic table cloth and black paper, you might be able to make your own!

I still have a giant spider and bat with glow in the dark web to put out before the big night, however I  must say I'm pretty happy with what I have gotten put out. A huge step up from nothing. :)

How did you decorate for Halloween?


  1. Very nice :) it is worth all the work on the door it turned out so cute! The silhouette's are cool too. Thanks for sharing :)