March 25, 2008

Frustrations and Downfalls

The list I made yesterday... well, let's just say I was not very successful in completing it. Instead I will work on it the rest of the week. I was over ambitious in planning.

(*Live blogging... my husband is pouting that I'm "ignoring him". I say, "I'm blogging, not ignoring you." Now, he is crowding me on the mini couch we have and inhibiting my typing abilities. I apologize in advance if this ends up being a mess of a story!)

Yesterday, I received a call from my accountant. She insisted that we owe $1500. in taxes! WHAT? Seriously. I know nearly zip about taxes, but I know better than that! Basically, when I started to ask questions, she didn't care to answer, making a reference to us making enough money. I'm not sure if she was saying we could afford to pay it, or what. Either way, I was insulted and ticked off (We make very little money. I'm in school full time and we pay a ridiculous amount in rent). So we are looking to figure out this mess, and for a new accountant.

I got home, and started making P
otato-Veggie Frittata (which, BTW was AMAZING). As I started looking through our freezer, we are actually getting low on some stuff! Generally, we have plenty flour, rice, and such. The dry stuff. However running low on chicken, fish, sauces, etc. Remembering my goal to not buy any stuff (that I talked about here and here), I added several things to my list. We could have made it through this week. However after talking it through with my husband, we decided to go ahead and buy groceries. We had a couple Costco coupons that expire at the end of the month, and had the time to go. So, I didn't make it the entire month with out buying groceries and other stuff. However I feel good about making it a solid three weeks. Last Saturday, I walked through Target just to feed the shopping urge. I thought it had given me my fix. Guess not :-)

This morning I proceeded with my routine... Wake, not want to get up, go back to sleep, husband wakes me again, I get a drink of water, start shower... jump out of shower! With in 2 minutes of starting my shower, it went to 100% cold. NOT OKAY. I jumped out. My husband, in our 2nd bathroom had just done the same. He at least had the shampoo rinsed out. I, on the other hand, had not! We have had this issue before, however our apartment continues to insist the problem is fixed. Hum. Nope. I was almost an hour late for work. Luckily I only missed my prep time and not appointments. Our lease is up in September. Thank goodness.

So, between my frustrations and the downfall of my 'No Shopping in March" it has been an interesting start to the week. Do I dare ask what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Way to go making it that long without buying groceries!

  2. Sorry. Don't you hate living in an apartment? We luckily have a really large supply of hot water- good thing since I like hot showers. Good luck with the taxes. I need to tackle ours this weekend.

  3. I haven't even done our taxes yet because I am afraid we are going to owe money, we usually do. Good luck w/ a new accountant. Check out H and R Block online you can punch in all your info and see what you owe for free.

  4. Wow, I admire your willpower! I cannot make it a week w/out deciding I need something from the grocery and walking out with 5 bags of stuff I really didn't NEED...