March 30, 2008

Weekend Flair - #4 Baby Card

I have always found it fun to do crafts by trial and error. I rarely use directions. Instead I look at the photo of the finished product and give it a whirl! Recently, I became more aware of my direction following faults when I found I was not able to write thorough directions for a scrapbook class I was helping with. Luckily my friend Daisy helped me out. wrote wonderful directions for me. I explained what each step was, and she was able to decipher my mess, and write it down in a way others could comprehend. :-)

This weekend I wasn't able to do extensive crafting, however I did make a baby card for a friend's new baby! I will give a few 'directions', however this is no way complete, or exact. It is a skill I'm working on. :-)

I used my Cricut ZooBalloo Cartridge. I cut a 4.5 inch giraffe in orange and then using the lower/layer option, cut another 4.5 inch giraffe in yellow.

Then, I glued them together so the giraffe had orange spots.

I then used the Cricut to cut grass (2 inches. the base in one color green, and lower/layer in another green) and glued together.

Using my Making Memories tag maker, I made a tag using a piece of vellum and the largest circle tag rim. I wanted to use the babies initials on the tag, however didn't have any rub on letters for "L, or S". However, I did have the "J". I used an "8", and constructed an "S" and then made an "L", from a "Z". It didn't turn out to bad!

For the base of the card, I used a piece of card stock, folded in half. I glued a piece of black card stock to the front. Then, using a pattern piece of paper, I constructed a frame and glued it on the top of the black paper. I glued the grass, and giraffe on the card and then attached the tag with a silver brad.

Ta - Da!


  1. Did you already give it away? I'd love to see a picture of the finished product. It sounds really cute!

  2. Oh, there it is! The third picture wasn't showing up, but now I see it. I love it!

  3. seem so easy to make, but I don't think I'll be able to.
    so cute!

  4. Ohh ahh... an expressions... I have a regular ol' lil' cricut :o) I bet you love it!