April 11, 2008

Crocs: Love them or Hate them?

I guess I don't have strong feelings either way. It is a shoe. Sure, there are shoes that are nicer, or more comfy, than others. However, I'm on the fence with crocs. What about you? Do you LOVE them, and have them in 25 colors? Or do you believe they are the most ridiculous thing ever?

If you are like me, and really not sure (or just want to prove your point of view) check out the following links and photos!

A few days ago, I linked to a site that recycles crocs. That is nice.

However, they DO NOT work with a suit.

What about this? (I first found on My Inflammatory Writ)

I'm not sure about this one. Fuzzy might be going too far.

And these? (noticed today at Wineonthekeyboard)

Well, at first I thought "You've got to be kidding me!? Heals?" However, after the initial irritant wore off, I considered that as a person that hates uncomfortable dress shoes, maybe, just maybe...

And then there are crocs with laces.

What is the point of wearing them if they have laces?

Then I have found, there are not just croc shoes.
There is an entire line of clothing as well!

Cell phone holders...

The list could go on and on!

So what do you think? Love them, hate them, somewhere between?


  1. I think they are awful. Awful. Awful.

  2. Hate! Though, I do have a pair of the thong flip flops...

  3. Hmmm...I guess I am neutral. But I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. I have tried them on a few times and I don't think they are any more comfortable than my brown leather clogs made by Born. Oh God, I adore my clogs.

  4. I LOVE my Crocs. I have the regular "beachy" style. I hated them at first, too. Then I slipped my foot into one and it was true love. I put them on first thing in the morning and would keep them on all day if I could. I agree there are probably much cuter, comfy shoes but I am hooked!
    Those cell phone holders...they have got to go!

  5. I think they're good for nurses. But otherwise, I think they're hideous.

  6. I think they're hideous. Although in certain professions I can understand wearing them. For comfort. Not to look good!

    The cell phone holders and heels have gone too far. Some people just don't know when to stop!

  7. Hate them.

    Kari's post on Crocs that you linked to was the best post ever.

  8. I use to think they were really ugly but this winter I got the pink fuzzy ones. I use to feel that way about Uggs also. I have problems w/ an old injury and found out they are orthopediec, they are really comfortable. My son loves them (he is 2.5) he likes all the little add ons.

  9. Love, love, love them. I haven't seen a style I don't like in the Crocs catalog. The cell phone holders are new to me, though.

    The main thing I love about them is how comfortable they are. My feet don't hurt even if I have to stand or walk for hours. But I love the way they look! Really, I do. My kids hate them. They think they are hideous.

  10. My feet are the only part of my body that are always cute and never get bigger (not yet at least) so I will not ever subject them to anything as ugly as crocs. They will always be dressed in some beautiful and comfortable shoes. Can you tell I don't like them?

  11. Ha, that's the first I've seen of the heels or cellphone holders...funny!!

    I have a pair of maryjanes and I do really like them...but I don't desire a whole closet full of crocs.

    And I buy knock-offs for my kids...gasp!

  12. I'm one who likes to hate anything that is a fad, so I have hated crocs for a long while just for that lame-o reason. The more I look at them the more I think they would probably be great, but I can't get over my "fad pride" thing. lol!

  13. I use to think that I would never wear these or let my kids wear them...OOOO how I am so eating my words. MY two boys love them. In fact my little guy will not wear anything else. I hurt my foot and well I got a pair of the Mammoth Crocs...with the fur...I love them and they so rock. They are winter ones actually....You use those when it is cold and the insert comes out so you can wash it. A few months ago I posted about how Crocs Rock in our HOUSE with pictures of my kids crocs. The other thing is that the kids love the little jibitz that attach to the crocs. Here in the south they wear these things all year long now. It started as a fad but I do not think it is so much a fad anymore. Well here anyway...I mean with the beach so near they Rock and are so easy to clean. YOU can even throw them in the washer on cold and they come out all nice...seriously. Crocs Rock in our world...great post.

  14. I think they are SO ugly...and I love, love them. Love the bright colors. Love the comfort.

    Wow, haven't seen the cell phone holders yet! LOL.

  15. I ADORE my crocs. I stay home with my kids and need to wear shoes or my feet and legs will hurt all night. If I wear crocs, I don't automatically kick them off, any other shoe gets kicked off without even a thought...so for me, crocs have been a lifesaver, plus I love that they slide on, and I LOVE my fuzzy ones!

  16. HATE them except for thos cute little "pin" things that you can decorate them with