April 20, 2008

Not sure what to say

I have all kinds of things I could write about, but my mind is 1/2 asleep. I even started working on a meme I was tagged on, and cannot put my thoughts together enough to work on that! Here is a little of what is going on...

  • My husband and I cleaned our apartment today. It looks really good, minus our bedroom. It is a complete disaster!
  • My parents came up today. I am receiving an award tomorrow at my school and they wanted to come.
  • I'm nervous about receiving the award. I only have to walk on stage, say thank you, and walk off stage. However, it makes me anxious just typing about it.
  • I have a poster presentation this next week. I have a few things to finish for that. UGH. I'm ready for graduation.
  • I have some organizing to do for a committee I'm co-chairing. This is my first time putting together such an event and I need to get this right!
  • I have 2 gift scrapbooks I need to finish. I'm no where near done.
  • I'm sleepy. I'll post more tomorrow!
A few posts ago, I asked what kind of things you would like me to post about. I'm going to leave up the voting until Sunday night, April 20, 2008 - be sure to vote! Also, don't forget to stop back for the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival! Plus, I'll have my 100th post in the next week! I'm hoping to do something fun and exciting for that as well!

It's going to be a fun week in the bloggy world!

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  1. I'm always worried I'll trip or something with things like that... But then I'm a total clutz! :)