April 15, 2008

An up and down kind of day

** Edit: 4/17/08 8:31 pm. Hopefully I have fixed the photos. Ugh. maybe it is time to host my own .com!

I am sleepy. Add in a bunch of other emotions, stir, and you have the summary of my day.

This made me happy:

Conducting a 6 pm meeting where only 8 of 25 people show up does not make me happy.

Having a pot luck / fish fry / crazy fun at work dinner makes me happy.

Some of the teachers my students have frustrate me.

This makes me SO happy:

Having a bunch of homework to get done in that amount of time is on the not so happy side.

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  1. Sounds like you've got some nice things to look forward to. That's my plan... forget the downs and look to the ups right!

  2. We go from snow last week to rain this week... Ick! :)

    Yay for graduation! Just think a month from now you'll be done and the weather will be nice and you can relax!

  3. I like that graduation countdown! How do I get one of those?

    By the way, I "tagged" you on my blog. :)